Self-defense for any size or situation. Great for adults, women AND kids!

Defense for any size, any situation

A martial artist who relies on feet and hands can still be defeated when faced with an opponent much larger than he is. Brute strength is a difficult thing to conquer.

However, a weapon levels the playing field. When you know how to use it just right, it makes you as powerful - if not more so - than a larger opponent.

You can keep yourself and your loved ones safe from harm.

Muscle Memory Made Easy

Our system teaches patterns of movement that use sticks, empty hands, and (for adults only), bladed (wooden and rubber practice) weapons. The patterns will put the movements securely into your muscle memory, making you ready to defend, even in a state of fear when your mind has gone blank. Instinct becomes action. And action saves your life.

In our Ninjability™ program, students at early stages of training are taught to use a single soft stick, with no contact. As they progress in skill, they will eventually advance to our teen and adult classes.

Our programs will dramatically improve hand-eye coordination, while boosting confidence sky-high! With our learn-to-teach, teach-to-learn philosophy, students are taught to work with peers in a relaxed environment, allowing our classes to build solid leaders at a very young age. The students think the sticks are "cool" and fun, and they gain super fast hand and foot coordination due to using them. When they start using the patterns with empty hands, they are amazed at how fast they really become, which creates even more confidence.

Not Just for Kids and Teens - it's the Perfect Solution for Adults

Increase your fitness, strength and stamina - in every class.

Every class contains workouts and drills that work you from head to toe. You'll build cardiovascular strength and endurance. You'll develop lean muscle mass. And you'll feel stronger, more energized throughout the day.

Get good at defending yourself - and it doesn't take years to learn

Our classes teach a practical system of real defense. No fancy moves or years of training necessary, just easy to learn techniques that build off your natural reactions. You will never get tired of the same old thing, as in every class you will find new and different ways to apply what you've learned. Our classes are great for kids and perfect for adults who want to be able to defend themselves in the real world, in realistic scenarios. Defend yourself without a weapon, or level the playing field by making anything available to you into a usable weapon. The choice is yours.


Our Preteen, Teen and Adult Martial Arts Locations:

Liberty Boro, McKeesport, PA 15133:

Dynamic Martial Arts - 2809 Liberty Way  
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Pleasant Hills, Pittsburgh, PA 15236:

Century III Mall, Upper Level (Across from Dick's Sporting Goods)  
If you live in the following towns, you are close enough to come train with us:

West Mifflin, Jefferson Hills, Clairton, Baldwin, Whitehall, Brentwood, South Park, Bethel Park, Finleyville, Lincoln Place, West Jefferson, Monongahela, New Eagle