Our Summer Karate Camps are a great start in the martial arts

Our week-long (or month long) camps will introduce your child to the martial arts in a fun, easy to learn setting.

And they're not going to break your budget, either. Most summer camps are just games, and more games. And while we do have martial arts-inspired games at our camps, your child will finish the program with so much more.

They will have picked up some valuable physical skills, but even more than that, valuable life skills that will serve them well in school and at home and beyond. Skills like:

  • becoming a better listener
  • learning what respect really is and how to give it
  • how to properly respond to a command when given one by a parent or authority figure
  • how to build their confidence even when they're not in class.

And what's more, they will have gotten a small taste of the martial arts, and will be able to make a decision whether it's something they want to pursue more of.

We wrap all this valuable learning and growth into one fun-filled experience. Every class, they will have small, achievable lessons that involve a goal. Once they reach the goal, we will build on it for the next class. They won't be able to wait to come back each and every time!

Our programs are offered in several locations, and not just in summer, either.


Summer Karate Programs Liberty Boro Elizabeth PA 15133 15037

Click the link to register for the Liberty Boro/Elizabeth Location summer program:

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