Martial Arts with a Twist™!

Our kids Ninjability™ classes teach martial arts, agility, and self-defense to kids ages 7-10. Five and six year old students who are currently enrolled in our Kinder Karate® classes may be accepted into the class as well. Our Ninjability™ classes were created to make martial arts more fun, less restrictive, and appealing to those who want more than just the regular old "kick, block, and punch" that traditional martial arts gives them.

Classes will focus on physical strengthening, martial arts offense and defense techniques, as well as tumbling, vaulting and rolling. 

Our Ninjability™ kids learn martial arts, and so much MORE

Our Ninjability™ classes get your kids moving and learning - very quickly - with one major difference. In our classes, THEY quickly become the motivated to reach the NEXT level. We hold "challenge" weeks, where the kids will get to show off their speed, timing, agility, and strength in a friendly, competition-based format.

Our Ninjabililty™ classes are MORE than just a tumbling class

The "Ninja" tag is catching on, and you might have seen it already at a gymnastics school or two. Don't let them fool you! Teaching the same tumbling skills they already teach to girls and slapping the "Ninja" label on it doesn't make it a real "Ninja" class.

Our classes are taught with a curriculum that combines real MARTIAL ARTS techniques taught with rolling, tumbling and vaulting - allowing the kids to have REAL skills they can use if they ever need to defend themselves!

Classes fill up fast! Don't wait - save your kid's Ninjability™ spot today!