Kinder Wrestling™

The newest addition to our Kinder Family!

Coming soon to our Century III Mall location!

Our new Kinder Wrestling™ classes teach the building blocks of youth wrestling to kids ages 3-7. Kids will be introduced to the sport of wrestling, with an emphasis on the following:


  • Physical Strengthening and Conditioning
  • Basic Wrestling Terms and Moves
  • Wrestling Rules and Point System
  • Building Focus and Attention
  • Good sportsmanship, and character lessons
  • FUN!


WHY Kinder Wrestling™?

Our successful Kinder Karate® programs proved that the 3-6 year old age group is capable of much MORE than anyone had previously thought (at least in the martial arts world). When Mrs. Czerniak used to help coach her sons' youth wrestling league practices and matches, she always saw the younger siblings there, emulating their older brothers, but they were barred from the mat for being too young.  She knew that the success of the Kinder Karate® programs had could easily be transferred over to the world of wrestling - with the right structure.

Enter Coach Dean Koett - Kinder Wrestling's Main Coach

Coach Koett had already experienced the benefits of our Kinder Karate® program when his 2 young boys completed their journeys through it.  He saw first-hand the benefits and the rewards that both kids and their parents get from time spent in a program that is designed especially for young learners.  That's what made him the perfect choice to run the Kinder Wrestling™ program.  He has many years experience in the wrestling world, both as a coach and as a referee.  And most importantly, as a father of young wrestlers himself.  He knows the special structure of the Kinder programs, and how they work, and WHY they work.  And he can deliver that in his field of expertise - wrestling.

What can you expect from the Kinder Wrestling™ program?

Kinder Wrestling classes are once per week, and 30 minutes long.  Kids will learn basic wrestling and more importantly, how to focus on the coach's instructions while wrestling on the mat!  The Kinder Wrestling program is NOT a competitive wrestling program, and kids will NOT be encountering other kids outside of our program.

You can expect your child to gain great strides in focus, attention and listening skills, along with major improvements in their physical strength, balance, and stamina.

Classes fill up fast! Don't wait - save your kid's Kinder Wrestling™ spot today!